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Security is providing peace of mind. You have peace of mind when what you value most; your home, your family, your business, and your money, are safe and secure. Monitoring your property, responding to emergencies, designing, installing and servicing the simplest to the most sophisticated alarm and surveillance systems, and providing armed/unarmed security officers is the business of Prestige Protection. Highly trained professionals are at work providing you that peace of mind. It’s about entrusting the protection of your home and business to professionals who thoroughly understand and care about your security needs. This guiding principle is best described by Prestige Protection President and CEO, Tim Elsasser.

Our employees are our most valuable asset and we take great effort to insure that we hire the most qualified people, train them well, and offer them the opportunity to build a career, not just ‘take a job’. This philosophy of taking care of and respecting our employees translates directly into great customer care. We know this is the right formula to success for our clients and Prestige Protection because it forms the foundation for our high value customer service expectations model. No one receiving our services should ever feel like they are ‘just another customer’.”



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Specialists in Providing Uniformed Security Officers, and much more…

Whether armed or unarmed, Uniform Security Officers represent a deterrent to crime and malicious behavior. The very presence of a security guard brings a high level of comfort to business owners, employees and residents.

We offer:
Armed/Unarmed Officers
24/7 Patrol Services
Emergency Dispatch Services

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Access Control

Card/Key/Biometric Access
Physical Security Access Control
Electronic Access Control

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Security Alarm Systems

Burglar, Fire, Chemical
Intrusion Detection
24/7 Security Monitoring/Response

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Electronic Surveillance Systems

Video Cameras
Motion Sensitive Monitoring
Closed Circuit TV

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